Christmas Savings

Christmas savings is monthly and is focused so that it can respond to the needs of the Christmas season in which traditionally, Dominican families could incur more expenses than usual. With Christmas savings we offer attractive interest rates, this achieving an excellent return on your savings. This system allows them to program themselves to respond to the commitments that are assumed in this season of the year.

  • Identity card, passport or residence card in the case of foreigners residing in the country.
  • Initial deposit according to the tariff in use..

  • This plan includes a minimum of six months, adjustable at your convenience.

  • You can withdraw your money free of commission for early withdrawal in the months of December and January.

  • It allows you to plan Christmas expenses or the beginning of the year in advance and in this way, create reserves for the payment of gifts, Christmas bonuses, end of the year parties, among others.

  • Attractive interest rate calculated on the amount of each deposit according to the current rate.

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