Frequent Questions

¿In what currency can I handle savings accounts?

At the Cooperative we only work with Dominican pesos.

¿Are there charges or penalties if I don't manage my savings account frequently?

No, our system simply detects the lack of activity and goes to Inactive. Later, if you are interested, you could go to an office to reactivate it.

Can I make withdrawals without the passbook that corresponds to my savings account?

No. To make withdrawals from your savings account, it is essential to present the passbook or debit card and identity document.

Can I authorize someone to manage or use my savings account?

SYo. You can appoint another person to manage your savings account. You and the authorized person must go to the nearest Office to complete the forms and to provide important data and information for this process to be completed.

Can I pay my loan with automatic payments from my savings account?

Yes, this process is automated from the moment the loan negotiation is signed.