The TRANSCASH system is a service that allows any of our clients to be able to carry out transactions after affiliating their accounts with other Cooperatives belonging to the Shared Branch network. It turns out to be a tool through which your financial account is mobilized to manage online businesses, in which Cash operations in general are distributed and compensated electronically between accounts in different institutions, through pre-authorized debit and credit transactions. .

It provides customers with an alternative service, while facilitating cost and time savings. It works through a network of computer systems that interact with the Cooperatives' databases to facilitate a series of operations in real time. In addition, we have accessibility to institutions and entities affiliated with the TRANSCASH network throughout the country.


  • The client can make deposit, withdrawal and payment transactions at any company subscribed to the TRANSCASH network, eliminating logistics and location barriers for deposit and payment purposes.
  • The risks associated with transporting large sums of cash for logistical reasons are minimized.
  • By increasing the number of branches or service points, you can take advantage of service facilities reducing administration costs, time and inconveniences when transactions cannot be carried out for logistical reasons, representing significant savings for the customer.
  • The capture of savings, clients and new businesses are increased and existing ones are retained.
  • It allows the client to maintain their status as a client even when they experience a significant geographical change in their address.
  • They reduce the transactional costs associated with the collection of loans and deposits and contribute to better control over delinquency.
  • Reduces the need for large investments in physical infrastructure by intermediaries to provide broad coverage of their services.