This product has been designed exclusively for children with the aim of encouraging savings from an early age and strengthening their bond with the cooperative from an early age.


Low Monthly Rates

Deposits and withdrawals at the branch of your choice

Promoting the habit of saving from childhood


  • Be under 18 years of age Copy of the birth certificate or copy of the minor's identity card.
  • For the opening, the ID of the father, mother or guardian of the minor requesting the account is necessary.
  • Authorization in writing by one of the parents in the event that it is opened together with a guardian.
  • Minimum initial Savings Deposit according to the rate in use.
  • Withdrawals made by the authorized representative in the account.

How to open an account

Deposit the required documents

Fill the form

Wait for approval

Active the account


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With Cooperativa Mamoncito you not only save for the future, you also learn while having fun. Click and play with us. Can you find all the words?

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